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Meet the Michter's

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015


Location: Interstate Kitchen and Bar

1001 Santa Fe Dr,

Denver, CO 80204

Price: $15

includes small bites, education, 4+ whiskey tastes

The Whiskey World is adorned with stories, fables, hearsay, and other forms of both legacy and marketing. While certain brands flail at best, Michter's has been able to take their storied past and begin anew as one of the most recognizable, super premium statements on any shelf. With roots dating back to 1753 in Pennsylvania, and more recently as a world player in 19 countries, Michter's does have a story to tell. And we're here to listen.

Please join us as we learn the evolution of American Whiskey as told through the vantage point of Michter's American Whiskey. We are thrilled to have Lisa Frost, Regional Director of the brand, and the Vice President of the company, Mr. Steve Zeigler, to regale us with an open, honest conversation about what Michter's was, is, and will be as the years come.

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