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est. 2010


The Denver Whiskey Club is a group dedicated to all things whiskey and the enthusiasts who love whiskey - open to all and tons of fun!

In 2010, the Denver Whiskey Club was founded to benefit the overly-interested whiskey fans: the geeks, the nerds, the loyal fans, and the industry. But, most importantly, it's for those just beginning their walk down the whiskey path. It's about education.


Our mission is to help both new and long-standing whiskey enthusiasts to discover and enjoy whiskey they've loved for years, as well as new, exciting and interesting spirits to expand their love and knowledge of whiskey.


Join in the special tasting events, come to the socials and meet like-minded whiskey won't regret it!


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If you are a whiskey distributor and would like to take part in hosting an upcoming event, email us at

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